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About Us

Who we are

We are Bob and Vicki. We met in high school,  reunited after Bob returned from military service in Vietnam then set out on life's journey. Bob's career was in the hotel-restaurant industry and Vicki's was in travel. In retirement ,  we're all about pursuing our passions of woodworking, gardening, painting and enjoying our two giant, floofy, goofy dogs, Boudreaux and Bella. 

A lifelong woodworker, Bob has created many beautiful pieces from wood, from a carved Bert and Ernie table and chairs for our oldest's childhood playroom(four decades ago, but don't tell her we told her age) to custom cigar humidors, to perfect shelving in Vicki's sewing room (omg, so much fabric!). But it was through our years of home remodeling projects (We  were Chip and Joanna Gaines before they were even born!), raising kids, dogs, and a 25 pound cat, that we became a great team and eventually became Quarterboards and More. Bob does the layout and carving and Vicki does painting to make it all pretty. And the dogs just sleep all day and enjoy being spoiled!

So ,what can we make for you?

Need new quarter boards for your motor vessel? Address sign? Lakehouses sign?  We  do boat stuff, yoga stuff, houses stuff, 

whatever-you-need stuff. Contact us to create something beautiful and custom for you!

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We love our customers and think of them as friends. 

Quarterboards and More

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We’re retired. We have no hours. Basicallly, we're always open!